Solar inverters

Kostal solar inverters

Constant performance, utmost quality: Kostal inverters' outstanding characteristics include stable performance figures and three-phase feed-in capability. The resulting symmetrical grid load makes it easier for the energy supplier to feed electricity into the grid.

Performance overview at a glance the inverter regularly transmits current performance data from the solar power system via the integrated data logger. The data can be tracked on the Internet at You can also connect a Suntrol display on the building facade or inside the building via the integrated S0 interface. The display shows the performance values and the reduction in CO2 emissions.

Perfect connection – the integrated DC switch means that no additional circuit breaker is required.

SMA solar inverters

More communicative, easier to use and more efficient than ever, Sunny Boys 3000TL, 3.600TL, 4000TL and 5000TL set new standards in inverter technology. Modern displays, daily value output even after sunset, straightforward installation procedure and wireless communication using the global Bluetooth standard: The new inverter generation leaves virtually nothing to be desired. With a peak efficiency level of 97%, transformerless multi-string units Sunny Boy 4000TL and 5000TL maximise solar output, system planning flexibility and guarantee exceptional panel coverage – making them first choice for complex generator designs. (Source: