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Summary of benefits

  • Free two-year insurance coverage for the two or five-year terms
  • Available upon request for all newly installed SolarWorld kits
  • Maximum security for your solar investment
  • No minimum premium
  • Simple and straightforward: to complete your insurance application, simply put a cross in the questionnaire
  • Buildings with a higher risk of fire such as barns and stables are also covered
  • Insurance expires automatically after the term expires

Our special insurance

For your solar system

In cooperation with the ERGO insurance group, SolarWorld AG offers a comprehensive, free insurance package for your solar power kits. This special insurance policy is included in the SolarWorld kits package if requested by the system owner. It combines insurance for all risks, operational interruption, reduced yield and construction coverage, thus giving the maximum security for the system operator’s investment. Typical risks such as fire, storm, theft and overvoltage are covered by the all-risks insurance, for example. If the solar array fails to feed into the grid due to property damage, the operational interruption insurance covers the loss caused by lack of electricity feed-in revenues during this period. A two-year insurance term is free of charge. The customer has the option of extending the term to five years with a low renewal premium. After the term has expired, the insurance cover ends without requiring a separate cancellation procedure.

No complicated formalities

No complicated insurance forms, and no laborious application procedures. If requested, the insurance policy is included in a photovoltaic system purchase package. The details have been agreed in advance in a framework agreement between ERGO Versicherung AG and SolarWorld AG, and combined to create a convenient, comprehensive insurance package. SolarWorld AG is the policy holder; the customer is also insured by a framework agreement and is the beneficiary in case of damage. This saves you the inconvenience of conducting complicated research and negotiations in advance.

Targeted cover

If requested, the insurance policy is included in the SolarWorld kits.

All-risks insurance

All-risks insurance

Insurance coverage for all SolarWorld kits photovoltaic systems. Covers unforeseeable property damage and insured objects lost through theft, burglary or looting.

In particular, the insurance covers damage caused by:

  • Operating errors, ineptitude or wilful intent by third parties
  • Short-circuit, overcurrent and overvoltage
  • Failure of measuring, control or safety equipment
  • Lack of water, oil or lubricant
  • Over- or underpressure
  • Fire, lightning strike, explosion
  • Water or moisture
  • Storms, hail, frost, ice drift, flooding or snow load
  • Animal bite

Compensation in case of damage

In cases of partial loss, the necessary repair costs are covered, with replacement costs covered in cases of full loss (replacement value compensation). For each claim, owner participation is EUR 250. Your benefits when you purchase 5-year coverage: After the third claim-free year, no owner participation applies to the first claim under the all-risk insurance policy.

The following costs are also covered without contribution for up to EUR 20,000 respectively in cases of loss:

  • Clean-up and disposal costs
  • Movement and protection costs
  • Costs for creating temporary roads
  • Costs for earthworks, plastering, bricklaying and mortice works, scaffolding, rescue operations, provision of an interim solution, air freight
  • Demolition costs
  • And costs for loss-related repair works to roofs or facades up to EUR 5,000

Operational interruption insurance

Operational interruption insurance

The SolarWorld kits insurance also guarantees compensation for any lost electricity feed-in revenue if the functioning of the photovoltaic system is interrupted or adversely affected by property damage or loss.

The compensatory payment is available as of the first day the system fails for maximum one year, and is calculated as follows:

  • 1 April to 30 September:
    Power in Kilowatt peak x EUR 2 x number of failure days
  • 1 October to 31 March:
    Power in Kilowatt peak x EUR 1 x number of failure days

Reduced yield insurance

Reduced yield insurance

The reduced yield insurance offers unique extended coverage. A claim can be made if the level of the predicted annual energy yield is not reached by more than 10% due to insufficient solar irradiation.

In this case, the insurance covers 90% of the predicted value. The compensatory payment is limited to 50% of the predicted annual energy yield according to the yield forecast.

Construction coverage

Construction coverage

Another special feature of the insurance package is the construction coverage. This type of insurance is valid from the start of the installation phase, for maximum of three months.

The construction coverage provides compensation for property damage caused by:

  • Fire, lightning strike, explosion, impact or if an airplane crashes into the construction, or an airplane's parts or cargo fall from the sky.
  • Storm or hail and loss due to theft of insured components securely connected to the building and burglary of securely stored, insured items.

Requirements for the insurance

  • All details regarding the installer and system operator must be included in the documentation at the time the order is placed.